The online store exhibits, promotes and provides products for sell of suppliers with which it cooperates.

The company VALUE DETAIL PC, the owner of reserves the right to choose freely the products brought HABITAT GREECE and amend, renew and / or withdraw them at any time without prior notice. The same applies to the pricing policy, any deals and discounts which may be chosen freely and make and amend, renew and / or withdraw at any time without prior notice and / or compliance deadline.

The HABITAT FRANCE is our official supplier in order to bring to you a wide array of products at the best possible prices. The HABITAT GREECE is an online shop that cooperates with other suppliers as well. Therefore, although we take every possible measure for the availability of our products, as it appears in HABITAT GREECE, no way a product displayed may not ultimately be available or may not be available within the delivery time mentioned for reasons beyond our own sphere of responsibility.

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Cancellation of orders may be occurred ​​in the following cases:

- Having completed the online order, yet the product is not shipped you can call 210 6729053 and the personnel of will proceed to the cancellation of your order

Questions related with topics as such:

- Has my order been shipped?

- In which stage is my order?

- When will I receive my order?

- Why my order never arrived?

- An item is missing from my order.

- Will I get a receipt if I order online?

Please contact us on 210 6729053  or via e-mail on quoting the order number and a phone number.

Worth is to say, for the development of your order (which stage) visit your Account and click on «Order Status»


It must be clearly specified that exhibition products are NOT refundable.

In case of return products, the customer has the choice to return the product within 30 days from the day of delivery.

In each case, the products must be returned in their initial and perfect condition, such as received by us, integrated and undamaged and the packaging of the product is that normally accompanies the product in excellent condition. In case of not return within 30 days then the HABITAT GREECE has the right not to accept any refund or replacement. in case of return the consigner is charged with the return expenses.

For all the above cases the maximum time for replacement may not be extended beyond the fourteen (30) calendar days from the date of receipt. Furthermore, given all the above, the product that may be replaced, needs to be accompanied by all the documents (ie ITT , Ap Retail etc.). Before any refund is given, consultation with the online shop of HABITAT GREECE is imperative. Last but not least, the inviolable term is that the used product will not be accepted.