For your convenience and an integrated service, HABITAT GREECE has a variety of payment methods for products that interest you. Choose the payment process that suits you best and afterwards fill in the appropriate form of payment on your order form and the details needed to complete your order.

The collection and processing of payment data that you provide us fall into the strict policy of protecting your personal data which is vehemently held by our company.

Specifically, for credit or debit card payments, ​​in cooperation with partner financial institutions all the necessary safety measures are taken to ensure maximum protection of your electronic transactions and payments.

Payment methods:


Pay upon delivery is charged €3.

If you choose this payment method, then the customer must pay the corresponding price (and any agreed expenses for instance transfer) upon receipt of the product by the carrier of our choice.

*(Available only for Greek shipping addresses). Payment upon delivery can be used for up to €500 orders, and only CASH. For orders over €500 you must choose one of the other payment methods or pay directly at the store.


The HABITAT GREECE accepts these credit cards 


Whenever you select this payment method, process will be carried out and completed through our trusted banking institution partner that provides all the guarantees of security of electronic transactions.


To proceed to a payment by bank deposit, please select this form of payment afterwards the bank account will be provided by us. The deposit must be made by a bank of the country where the order invoice was issued, and the customer will be charged for all bank transaction charges. You must indicate your name and your purchase code on the deposit data, just as it was when the order was registered. The shipping will be planned only when we receive the deposit. The deposit must be made within three (3) business days from the date of order. In case that the corresponding amount is not deposited within 72 hours, the order will be canceled.