UNICO set of two placemats

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Παράδοση σε ένα μήνα

Unico is a collection of designs by Floriane Jacques, graphic designer at Habitat Design Studio. Floriane drew her inspiration from a trip to the Calanques National Park in the Marseille region. These motifs play on the organic shapes that the designer adorns with the colours most common in these narrow creeks. Like an invitation to laze around in the heat of the Mediterranean summer. This Unico set consists of 2 placemats in chambray cotton measuring 33 x 48 cm. In addition to being very resistant, chambray weaving has the particularity of using a weft thread of a different colour than the warp thread. This combination gives the fabric a mottled look. These placemats protect and enliven your table and bring a touch of cheerfulness and joy. For an indoor or outdoor table that smells like summer.


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