Since 1964, Habitat has been challenging the way we think about our living space by transforming it and combines inspiration and creation.

On 11th of May 1964, Terence Conran, a young furniture designer and restaurateur with a vision, opens the first Habitat store in London. His ambition was to modernize the dark, heavy furniture of the previous generation, suggesting a new modern, yet affordable design.

Habitat became a synonym for style, right from the beginning and brought in new trends. Soon after its launch, Habitat had famous fans like Twiggy, Peter Sheller, etc. The first catalogue for Habitat was published in 1964 and was established as a point of reference for interior design, giving it readers ideas to decorate their homes, a lot earlier than deco magazines, which were developed in the 90’s.

Habitat created a revolutionary concept, offering ‘young moderns’ a democratic ideal of contemporary design at affordable prices. Shopping as entertainment, furniture and home accessories from all over the world, mixing the love of ones home with the joy of color, food, art and all the good things in life – Habitat had created what we now call Lifestyle.

Habitat as a brand has flourished and evolved with collections that mirror the changing fashions and lifestyles of its customers. So what’s the secret of Habitat’s success?

It boils down to a few basic ingredients. At Habitat, good quality and design mean the world to us. Our passion for creating beautiful, functional products takes us (quite literally) to the ends of the earth, but it’s our in-house design studio that sets us apart.

Our products are designed and manufactured by Habitat, which means we have control over all aspects, both creatively and technically, to translate concepts into reality. It’s an ever evolving process and we are always searching for new and innovative techniques.

We find inspiration from our unique heritage while keeping our perspective fresh and contemporary. It’s what makes us proud to put our name on our designs and ultimately, it’s what inspires our ever evolving contemporary and iconic ranges.

Terence Conran got it right in 1964 and, as Habitat has proved, if something is good it will endure, decade after decade.